Warta Geologi Volume 23, No 5

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 23
Page : Sept-Oct 1997
Volume Number : 23
Year : 1997
DOI : ngsm1997005
KANDUNGAN (Contents)
CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)
Robert Holt, John Milsom and Dzazali bin Ayub: Gravity base stations in Sabah, East Malaysia
Tan Boon Kong: More on the leaching column test 
H.D. Tjia: Regional northwest to west-northwest lineaments in the southern part of the South China Sea Basin
PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)
Murray R. Gregory: Marine debris – a global problem: pelagic plastics, pollution and environmental impacts, biogeographic and other implication
Gero Hillmer: A method of conserving geological, paleontological and archeological objects and profiles
Gero Hillmer: The famous paleontological locality Messel, Germany – An insight into the history of life (Tertiary/Eocene; ca. 55 million years)
Gero Hillmer: An introduction to Bryozoans and Bryozoans in glacial erratic boulders (ice-age impressions)
Gero Hillmer: Amber from the Miocene of Borneo
Gero Hillmer: Tidal flats of the German bay, North Sea – some impressions
Keahlian (Membership)
Pertukaran Alamat (Change of Address)
Pertambahan Baru Perpustakaan (New Library Additions)
Local News 
Review – Gondwana Master Basin of Peninsular India: Between Tethys and the Interior of the Gondwanaland Province of Pangea
Asia-Pacific Mining ‘98 
Coastal Environment 98 
Kalendar (Calendar)