Warta Geologi Volume 17, No 3

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 17
Page : May-Jun 1991
Volume Number : 17
Year : 1991
DOI : ngsm1991003

KANDUNGAN (Contents)

CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)

Ibrahim Komoo, Kadderi Md Desa, Hamzah Mohamad, Abd. Ghani Rafek & Tan B.K. : Systematic approach in the characterisation of granitic weathering profiles in tropical terrains
Hamzah Mohamad, Ibrahim Komoo, Kadderi Md. Desa, Tan B.K. & Abd. Ghani Rafek : The Niggli number al-alk as an indicator of increasing clay mineral content and weathering intensity

PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)

Annual Geological Conference ‘91 – Laporan (Report) 
– Speech by the Organising Chairman
– Welcoming Address by President of GSM 
– Opening Address by Y.B. Menteri Muda Perancangan Sumber, Sarawak 
– Programme 
– Abstracts of Papers 
John W. Shelton : Geological Aspects of Horizontal Wells
V. Nadarajah : The design and construction of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) for the Inter Urban Toll Expressway between Seremban and Ayer Hitam, Malaysia
Endau-Rompin Fieldtrip – Laporan (Report) 


Keahlian (Membership) 
Pertukaran Alamat (Change of Address) 
Pertambahan Baru Perpustakaan (New Library Additions)


Gondwana Dispersion and Asian Accretion – 3rd International Symposium & Field Excursion
Obituary – R. A. M. Wilson 
Kalendar (Calendar)

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