Warta Geologi Volume 15, No 6

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 15
Page : Nov-Dec 1989
Volume Number : 15
Year : 1989
DOI : ngsm1989006
KANDUNGAN (Contents)
CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)
Ibrahim Abdullah, Ahmad Jantan, Basir Jasin, Abd Rahim Samsudin & Uyop Said : Amount of displacement along the Bok Bak Fault: Estimation by using the Lithofacies equivalence
PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)
Economic Geology Study Group – Fieldtrip to gold mines in Pahang
Robert C. Speck : Rock slope study and stabilization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: a case history
Petroleum Geology Seminar ‘89 – Laporan (Report)
– GSM President‘s Welcoming Address
– Address by Y.B. Datuk Dr. Sulaiman Haji Daud
– Programme
– Donors
– Abstracts of Papers
Short Course on Modern & Ancient Deep-sea Fan Sedimentation – Laporan (Report)
James Harding : Assessment of geological resources and management of the coastal zone
Keahlian (Membership)
Pertukaran Alamat (Change of Address)
Pertambahan Baru Perpustakaan (New Library Additions)
Institute of Geology, Malaysia – formally registered, application forms
Ulasan Buku (Book Review) – Geological Evolution of South East Asia
Geologi Indonesia (l.A. Katili Commemorative Volume)
XXIII International Congress – Aquifer overexploitation
Kursus-kursus Latihan & Bengkel-bengkel (Training Courses & Workshops)
Kalendar (Calendar) 

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