Geological Society of Malaysia Newsletter No 15

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : Nov 1968
Year : 1968
DOI : ngsm1968006
Geologic Notes 
- Radiocarbon dates in the Kinta Valley
- Preliminary note on occurrence of copper minerals in rhyolitic rocks, Genting Sempah, Pahang
- The Kuala Lumpur fault zone
Society publications 
News from the University of Malaya 
- Research grant to the Department of Geology
- New Lecturer in Geology
- Professor Haile‘s Inaugural Lecture
- Visit of Professor C.S. Pichamuthu
Meetings of the society
- Field meeting, 13 Oct. : Genting Sempah
- Ordinary meeting, 30 Sept. : J. Katili 
- Ordinary meeting, 18 Oct. : P. Piazza
- Ordinary meeting, 23 Oct. : C.S. Pichamuthu
News of members
C.R. Jones
S.H. Chan
New members elected 9th October
Affiliation to the IMA