Warta Geologi Volume 42, No 1-2

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 42
Page : January - June 2016
Volume Number : 42
Year : 2016
DOI : NGSM2016001

Warta Geologi, Volume 42, No. 1 – 2


CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)
Franz L. Kessler & John Jong: Paleogeography and carbonate facies evolution in NW Sarawak from the Late Eocene to the Middle Miocene
CATATAN LAIN (Other Notes)
Leong K.M. : Discussion on omission of Sabah Pre-Cretaceous geology and geochronology data in Tate (2002), Balaguru et al. (2003), Lee et al. (2004) and Wan Nursaiedah Wan Ismail et al. (2014)
PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)
50th Annual General Meeting & Annual Report 2014
– Agenda
– Minutes of the 49th Annual General Meeting
– President’s Report
– Secretary’s Report
– Assistant Secretary’s Report
– Editor’s Report
– Treasurer’s Report
– Honorary Auditor’s Reports
Tjia, H.D.: Setap and Temburong are separate formations
Ferdaus Ahmad: Strength mobilisation of rock masses in relation to deep seated landslides
Goh Thian Lai: Journey to The Most Southern World of Earth: Antarctica
Jansen Luis: Overview on Hydropower Dam Safety Program with Focus on Geology and Geotechnical Investigation
Workshop on Science for Managing Disaster Risk
Jane Poole: Approaches to Communicating Geoscience Information
S. Paramananthan: Soil Science and Risks of Climate Related Hazards
New Membership
Change of Address
Obituary: Peter H. Stauffer
Tributes to P. H. Stauffer
Mengingati H. D. Tjia
Tribute to H. D.Tjia
National Geoscience Conference 2016 – Call of Papers
BERITA LAIN (Other News)
Unconventional Exploration: What We Need To Know about Shale Oil & Gas
Upcoming Events