Some deep-marine ichnofossils from Labuan and Klias Peninsula, west of Sabah

Author : Basir Jasin, Mohd. Shafiq Firdaus
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 47-51
Volume Number : 67
Year : 2019

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 67, June 2019, pp. 47 – 51

Some deep-marine ichnofossils from Labuan and Klias Peninsula, west of Sabah

Basir Jasin1,*, Mohd. Shafiq Firdaus2

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2 Energy Quest Sdn. Bhd., Level 18, Office Suite, UOA Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Abstract: The Temburong Formation comprises fine grain flysch, deposited in a distal part of a submarine fan system. Twenty five taxa of ichnofossils were identified. The ichnofossils are grouped into the Nereites ichnofacies. The ichnofacies was further divided into two subichnofacies namely Paleodictyon and Ophiomorpha rudis subichnofacies. The Paleodictyon subichnofacies is characterized by a high diversity of ichnofossils, discovered in the medium to thinly bedded turbidite at a distal lobe of a submarine fan. The Ophiomorpha rudis subichnofacies contains low diversity and is commonly found in thick-bedded sandstone channels and proximal lobes of a submarine fan system.

Abstrak: Formasi Temburong tediri daripada endapan “flysch” berbutir halus yang diendapkan pada bahagian hujung suatu system kipas laut dalam. Dua puluh lima taksa ichnofosil telah dikenal pasti. Ichnofosil dikelompokkan kepada ichnofasies Nereites. Ichnofasies ini dibahagi pula kepada dua subichnofasies iaitu subichnofacies Paleodictyon dan Ophiomorpha rudis. Subichnofasies Paleodictyon dicirikan oleh kepelbagaian yang tinggi ichnofosil yang ditemui dalam tubidit yang berpelapisan nipis dan sederhana di bahagian hujung cuping kipas laut dalam. Subichnofasies Ophiomopha rudis mengandungi kepelbagaian yang rendah dan sering ditemui dalam batu pasir tebal pada palung dan pangkal cuping sesuatu sistem kipas laut dalam.

Keywords: Ichnofossils, Temburong Formation, ichnofacies, submarine system


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