Does the Caribbean hold lessons for SE Asia? Part 1: The geology of Trinidad

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Author : Harry Doust
Publication : Warta Geologi
Page : 147–152
Volume Number : 48
Year : 2022

Warta Geologi, Vol.
48, No. 3, December 2022, pp. 147–152


the Caribbean hold lessons for SE Asia?
Part 1: The geology of Trinidad


Harry Doust

Department of Earth Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, De
Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam 1081 HV, the Netherlands

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Abstract: Together with a second note
(Warta Geologi, April 2023) I summarise the geological development of the
island of Trinidad and the adjacent margins of the Caribbean Sea in order to
compare them with parts of Southeast Asia. I believe the two provinces provide
valuable analogues for each other and I illustrate this by considering examples
of tectonic style taken from transpressional fold belts in Trinidad and eastern
Java, from the evolution of foreland- and wrench basin stratigraphy and from
striking similarities between the stratigraphy and structure of Borneo and
Trinidad Tertiary continent margin deltas.


Keywords: Geological evolution,
Trinidad, Java, transpression, Borneo, deltas



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received 28 May 2022;

Received in
revised form 5 December 2022;

Accepted 6
December 2022

online 30 December 2022


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