The Holocene transgression in Peninsular Thailand

Author : P. Pramojanee, P. Hastings, M. Liengsakul and V. Engakul
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 551-564
Volume Number : 19
Year : 1986

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 19, April 1986, pp. 551 – 564

The Holocene transgression in Peninsular Thailand


Soil Survey Division, Department of Land Development, Bangkok, Thailand


Abstract: A series of sites along the eastern coast of Peninsular Thailand was investigated using palynology, geomorphology, and C14 dating. A fairly clear record of the Holocene transgression has emerged.

The sea-level curve presented here is of the Fairbridge type, that is it includes periods of trangression and regression. It is postulated that the transgression began around 8,500 yrs BP and progressed more or less steadily to a highstand of about 5 m above local mean sea-level at 5,700 yrs BP. A regressive phase occurred then until 4,700 yrs BP when sea-level was at or near its present position. The next 1,000 yrs are unclear because of the possible errors involved, but it would seem that sea-level fluctuated until 3,700 yrs BP when a stillstand occurred. The sea regressed for the final time at 2,700 yrs BP, the present level being reached at 1,500 yrs BP. The maximum height of the sea is thought to be not more than +5m above local mean sea-level. A chronology based upon sea-level changes is presented here.

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