Groundwater supply studies in Northern Kelantan

Author : Tan, E.H. & Singh, M.
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 13-26
Volume Number : 24
Year : 1989

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 24, Oct.1989, pp. 13 – 26

Groundwater supply studies in Northern Kelantan


Syed Muhammad, Hooi & Binnie Sdn. Bhd.


Abstract: Hydrological investigation was undertaken to evaluate the groundwater resources that would meet or contribute to the water supply needs of Northern Kelantan. A total of 24 exploratory wells and two production wells were drilled at localities where the aquifer was most likely to be productive. Based on the results, the shallow aquifer is favoured for development because it has good quality water, gets recharged readily and wells are shallow giving rise to low construction and pumping cost. The 3rd aquifer has water of acceptable salinity (10-65 mg/l) and based on existing literature it is also favoured for development at selected locaIities. 

It is proposed to utilize both these aquifers to provide water supplies of up to 172 Ml/d to the year 2000 for Kota Baru and Bachok districts. For the district of Tumpat, the shallow aquifer at Wakaf Baru will be able to meet the projected total water requirement of 22.8 Ml/d to the year 2000. Well-fields proposed in the vicinity of Kg. Sg. Petai and Gong Kedak may prove adequate to meet demand of 10 Ml/d to the year 2010 for Pasir Puteh district.