Correlation between PMT and SPT results for Kenny Hill Formation

Author : Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail, Darvintharen Govindasamy, Mohd Hazreek Zainalabidin
Publication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia
Page : 141-146
Volume Number : 68
Year : 2019

Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 68, December 2019, pp. 141 – 146

Correlation between PMT and SPT results for Kenny Hill Formation

Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki1,2, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail1,*, Darvintharen Govindasamy1, Mohd Hazreek Zainalabidin3
1 School of Civil Engineering, Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
2 School of Environmental Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia
3 Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FKAAS), UTHM, Malaysia
* Corresponding author email address:

Abstract: The utilization and simplicity of standard penetration test (SPT) gives major advantages in site investigation over other methods. SPT is widely practised for all sizes of project and feasible to be used in low-cost construction. However, SPT does not comprehensively capture the real soil behaviour and inevitably generate disturbance to soil samples. Considering that SPT is available for every site investigation works, it was tempting to develop correlation between the pressuremeter test (PMT) results and the SPT results, particularly for local practise. PMT is normally adopted to determine the in-situ stress-strain characteristic, horizontal pressure and lateral failure load of soil. This method is considered as undisturbed soil test due to its mechanism that directly tested the soil. Kenny Hill Formation has thick layer of residual soil due to intense weathering process in the tropical climate region. Thus, adopting the local correlations is more efficient to represent the geological formation of the site. In this research study, the approach is to develop correlation between SPT and PMT. The standard penetration test (SPT) value was obtained from a soil exploration study conducted in Kenny Hills Formation, Malaysia which was conducted at selected depths of borehole. Correlation of SPT value (NSPT) and PMT initial modulus (Ei) is Ei = 0.22 (NSPT) + 10.01 with coefficient of determination (R2) 0.642.

Keywords: Correlation, Pressuremeter Test (PMT), Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Kenny Hill Formation