Warta Geologi Volume 47, No 1

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 47
Page : April 2021
Volume Number : 47
Year : 2021
DOI : wg4712021

Warta Geologi, Vol. 47, No. 1, April 2021


CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)

  1. J. K. Raj: Ultrasonic pulse velocities and dynamic elastic constants of sandstones from the Semanggol Formation, Beris Dam, Kedah Darul Aman
  2. Zuliskandar Ramli, Muhammad Nu’man Mohd Nasir, Muhamad Shafiq Mohd Ali: Geochemical characterization of pottery shards unearthed from Kampung Baru Archaeological Site, Kedah, Malaysia
  3. Mazlan Madon: Pelantar benua dari perspektif undang-undang laut: Suatu pengenalan (Continental shelf from the perspective of the Law of the Sea: An introduction)
  4. Allan Filipov, John Jong, Mazlan Madon: Reconnaissance of Kenny Hill Formation Outcrops in the Rawang Area, Northern Selangor, Malaysia

PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)

33rd National Geoscience Conference
Welcome Message
Organizing Committee
Conference Program
Special Program and Keynote Speakers
Conference Abstracts:
Technical Session 1: Engineering Geology & Geohazards
Technical Session 2: Advancement in Geophysics & Remote Sensing
Technical Session 3: Environment & Climate Change
Technical Session 4: Minerals, Geothermal & Groundwater Resources
Technical Session 5: Conservation Geology & Geotourism
Technical Session 6: Petroleum Geology & Exploration
Technical Session 7: Quaternary & Marine Geology
Technical Session 8: Ethics, Laws & Professional Practices


Acknowledgement to Peer Reviewers (2020)
Laporan Program Khas GSM 2021/2022
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BERITA LAIN (Other News)

N.S. Haile Publication Award 2020/2021 – Ms. Teng Yu He
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