The sea level rose fast, but Sarawak was rising faster

Warta Geologi Vol 49 No 1
Author : Franz-Luitpold Kessler
Publication : Warta Geologi
Page : 8 - 13
Volume Number : 49
Year : 2023
DOI : 10.7186/wg491202302

Warta Geologi, Vol. 49, No. 1, April 2023, pp. 8–13

The sea level rose fast, but Sarawak was rising faster

Franz-Luitpold Kessler

Goldbach Geoconsultants O&G and Lithium Exploration, Germany

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Abstract: Since the end of the last glacial period, around 15550 years ago, melting ice caused the sea level to rise on average by about 110 m, or 7 mm/year. Data collected at the Tusan Cliff section indicate that during the same time span, the Borneo coastline south of Miri was elevated by 132 m. The average rate of uplift of the coastline was estimated to be in the order of 8.5 mm/year, which exceeded the average rate of sea level rise by 1.5 mm. As a result, a prominent cliff section is now exposed. The uplift may be continuing today but may be outpaced in the future by a much faster sea-level rise.


Keywords: Sea level rise, Borneo, uplift, Pleistocene, Holocene



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