Warta Geologi, Vol. 49, No. 1, April 2023

Warta Geologi Vol 49 No 1
Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Warta Geologi
Page : 1 - 44
Volume Number : 49
Year : 2023

Warta Geologi, Vol. 49, No. 1, April 2023




CATATAN GEOLOGI (Geological Notes)

Harry Doust : Does the Caribbean hold lessons for SE Asia? Part 2

Franz-Luitpold Kessler : The sea level rose fast, but Sarawak was rising faster


CATATAN LAIN (Other Notes)

Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Tariqur Rahman Bhuiyan, Nurfashareena Muhamad, Saini Yang, Rajib Shaw : Advancing science, technology and innovation for disaster risk reduction: The Kuala Lumpur Consensus on Disaster Risk Reduction


PERTEMUAN PERSATUAN (Meetings of the Society)

Mohd Nawawi Mohd Nordin : Electrical imaging and geophysical method for subsurface mapping

Charles Makoundi : Hydrothermal fluid and significant in exploration and ore genesis

Muhammad Hafeez Jeofry : Radio-echo Sounding (RES) profiling and numerical modelling

Mohd Hariri Arifin : UKM Geophysics: Past, present and future

Azlan bin Adnan : Geological aspects in earthquake engineering

Xiongwei Niu : New ocean bottom seismometer exploration for crustal imaging in Arctic Ocean

Ahmad Nizam Hasan : Engineering geological challenges in urban development : From conventional to unconventional approach

Stefan Herwig GÖdeke : Groundwater investigation: Fundamental & application

John Kuna Raj : Characterizing weathering profiles in Peninsular Malaysia



Acknowledgement to Peer Reviewers (2022)

Laporan Persidangan GEOSEA 2022

Report : Perbincangan Intelek: Perspektif geologi kejuruteraan terhadap kejadian terkini tanah runtuh Batang Kali

Report : Geological Society of Malaysia Karst Working Group and Malaysian Cave and Karst Conservancy educational excursion to Batu Caves

New Membership



GSM-UMS Geology Club program December 2022 report

GSM-UMS Geology Club program January 2023 report

Laporan Ceramah Teknik

Upcoming Events

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