Shipboard processing and interpretation

Author : D.M. AngstadtPublication : Bulletin of the Geological Society of MalaysiaVolume : 32Page : 59-68Year : 1992


Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, Volume 32, Nov. 1992, pp. 59 – 68


Shipboard Processing and Interpretation


Texaco Exploration Penyu Inc.


Abstract: In the fall of 1990, Texaco completed an innovative 4,300 km seismic program which included processing, interpretation of stacked and even some migrated-stacked sections of key lines. One of the new lead areas of complex block faulting was identified, infilled and, after final office-based interpretation of the entire data set, matured into a drillable prospect.

By using this unconventional technology, Texaco saved the time and expense of mobilizing a second survey to mature new leads and furthermore, it allowed the explorationist a chance to begin the block evaluation process months ahead of schedule as good quality (albeit not final quality) record sections were made available hours rather than weeks after data collection.