Warta Geologi Volume 46, No 2

Author : Geological Society of Malaysia
Publication : Volume : 46
Page : August 2020
Volume Number : 46
Year : 2020
DOI : NGSM202001

Warta Geologi, Volume 46, No. 2, August 2020


Geological Notes

  1. Franz L. Kessler, John Jong: The shaping and demise of the Tusan Beach “Drinking Horse”, southwest of Miri, Sarawak
  2. Elvaene James, Hennie Fitria W. Soehady Erfen, Azman A. Ghani, Angela Vidda Chuwat, Gerald Eko Ejiga: The characteristics and morphology of columnar dacite in Tawau, Sabah
  3. Najiatun Najla Mohamad, Abdul Hadi Abd Rahman, Mohd Suhaili Ismail: The geology and stratigraphic framework of the Kuching Zone Sarawak: Current understanding and unresolved issues
  4. Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff, Faridah Othman: Earth crustal analysis of Northwest Sabah region inferred from receiver function method
  5. Walaa Elnasir Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Salim, Chow Weng Sum, Eswaran Padmanabhan: Geological interpretation of Spectral Gamma Ray (SGR) of fine clastic rocks from the Nyalau Formation central Sarawak, Malaysia
  6. Sharan Kumar Nagendran, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail: Application of UAV photogrammetry for quarry monitoring
  7. Nurulamani Rosman, Aisah Taufik, Ismail Ahmad Abir: The effect of land reclamation on water clarity in Tanjung Tokong using remote sensing
  8. Darvintharen Govindasamy, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail, Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki: Evaluation of tunnel interaction in Kenny Hill Formation using Finite Element Modelling
  9. Nur Emilia Qistina Mohd Anua, Hareyani Zabidi, Aisyah Shahirah Juhari, Solihin Yaacob, Syaran Suri: Slope stability assessment in opencast quarry – an UAV approach
  10. Naizatul Akma Mohd Mokhtar, Mokhtar Saidin: The contribution of technical ceramic to iron smelting production at Sungai Batu, Bujang Valley, Kedah
  11. Syaran Suri, Aisyah Shahirah Juhari, Solihin Yaacob, Nur Emilia Qistina Anua, Hareyani Zabidi: Rock slope discontinuity extraction from 3D point clouds: Application to an open pit limestone quarry

Other Notes
Mazlan Madon: Geoscience activities amid the Covid-19 pandemic – opportunities for cross-discipline learning and knowledge-sharing

Meetings of the Society
Tong Eng Siang: What is geopathic stress?

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IGM Visit to MRT 2 Project Site
Obituary: Professor Madya Dr Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin
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